JSA is an architectural design firm committed to a deep understanding of our client's needs and the buildings they construct.  

Since 1980, JSA has distinguished itself with industry defining studios led by professionals with a passion for their craft. Our projects are regionally and nationally recognized for design excellence in Healthcare, Senior Living, Education, Housing, Hospitality, and Interior Design. Geographically diverse, our offices are located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Jacksonville, Florida with clients and projects nationwide.



Roger Williams 028JSA's approach to design is deeply rooted in a desire to enrich the lives of those who live, learn, and heal in the environments we create. We believe that the quality of people's experiences, the depth of their interactions as well as their vitality, dignity and wellbeing can be enhanced by architecture that is relevant to their everyday lives and sensitive to their physical and emotional realities. Through our collaborative design process, JSA works diligently to understand our client's mission, the individual needs of the people they serve, and the community in which their projects are realized. Empowered with this insight, JSA produces contextual design solutions tailored to each project's unique goals. Our commitment to enduring design results in architecture that is socially and environmentally sustainable, highly durable and adaptable to changing needs.



Roger Williams 004At JSA, the primary elements for sustainability are the resource re-use of the buildings themselves, energy conservation, water conservation and the creation of a healthy environment. Focusing on these elements will generally yield a LEED equivalency of Silver or higher. JSA endorses the LEED rating system, and uses it as the benchmarking tool it was meant to be, rather than as an absolute requirement for a sustainable outcome.



IMG 4931 PRH CVOR3 Balanced practice. While we are very proud of the many design awards we have received, we take greater satisfaction in having built a balanced practice that also includes studio expertise supported by strong technical and project management skills, but with versatile talent that can traverse our studio disciplines, providing a broad range of creative ideas and solutions.

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Portsmouth NH
273 Corporate Dr
Suite 100
Portsmouth NH 03801


Jacksonville FL (FL Reg AA 26001197)
301 West Bay Street
Suite 1471
Jacksonville FL 32202


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