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Strawbery Banke is one of the most highly-visible features of Portsmouth NH - attracting visitors, artists, collectors, historians, and donors from around the country and even the world. Its growth required some very modern solutions that needed to fit in the historical context of the city's historic 'Puddle Dock' environs.

Visitor's Center
The Tyco Visitors Center is the first piece of new construction in...centuries. It very closely based on historic marine warehouse that disappeared from the waterfront a few decades ago. Reception, store, display, meeting areas, and a multimedia room provide important functionality for the Museum.

Carter Collections
A secure, climate-controlled edifice was needed to house the growing number of items in the Museum's collection. JSA mirrored the historicity both the Museum-facing side as well as the public streetscape - housing up-to-date modernity in a convincing way.

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273 Corporate Drive
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