Collage of three daytime exterior photos of a multi story building with a light brown brick facade.

JSA Inc has received a Citation Award for Excellence in Unbuilt Architecture for Foundry Place Building 4 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The award was presented at the annual New Hampshire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects’ awards banquet at the Currier Museum in Manchester, NH.

A jury comprised of Rhode Island architects selected award recipients that exemplify excellence in overall design, including aesthetics, creativity, appropriate functionality, sustainability, building performance, and the completeness with which the client’s program has been fulfilled. For the Foundry Place design, the jury commented, “Quietly elegant, a nice model with a well done streetscape that fits seamlessly into the evolving neighborhood.”

Foundry Place, developed by Deer Street Associates, is located in a newly arising neighborhood on the site of a historic industrial zone that was razed during urban renewal. This building has two front facades: one facing the city and one facing away, each responding with distinct massing, fenestration and detailing.

The building exceeds code minimum for energy performance by 50% using locally sourced, durable materials including masonry and ironwork. Resiliency is implemented by raised floor heights, elevated utilities, high-performance envelope, natural ventilation, and solar shading.

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