Interior view of a room with large floor to ceiling windows on the left side, a bright green accent column, and several tables with brown chairs as work stations. A few people are at the tables working on laptops.

In a new white paper, JSA interior designer Alyssa Garvey explores the development of the International Well Building Institute (WELL) and the impact WELL design can have on future projects.

Wellness trends are everywhere…
The current trend towards sustainability and wellness has been making an appearance in industries all over the globe. Wellness buzzwords have become woven into our daily culture and wellness is easily acknowledged as both desirable and marketable.

There are guidelines.
In the architectural field, the development of the International Well Building Institute(WELL) is a response to this culture shift. The goal of WELL is to create healthy spaces by designing, constructing and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity.

What does this all mean?
What will the next generation of buildings look like? Will you have a say about it? Read more here.

Alyssa Garvey is an interior designer at JSA Design, headquartered in Portsmouth NH. Her understanding of the human impacts of lighting, materials, and programming results in healthier spaces for all.

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