After 30 years located in a 1950s-era neighborhood school building, the recent acquisition of Community Campus by the City of Portsmouth offers Robert J Lister Academy the chance to establish a contemporary learning environment, enabling the school to transition from its outdated building into purposefully renovated and updated spaces.

Working with JSA Design, the design and construction process offered a unique learning opportunity within the curriculum. Lister students immersed themselves in the process, working closely with the design and construction teams, gaining insights and contributing valuable input to shape the final outcome.

Being an educational partner on the team also gave students the opportunity to learn about careers in design and construction, and spend time with these professionals. Students had the opportunity to shadow architects, participate in monthly construction hard-hat tours, and engage with professionals in the field. This educational partnership went beyond conventional classroom learning, offering students a firsthand experience of careers in design and construction.

The building will open to students in September of 2024.

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