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Our People Make All The Difference

Behind every JSA project is a team of creative professionals—interns, project managers, architects, designers and others—passionate about good design that makes our communities better.

Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Renee Dunn, NCIDQ, Associate

Renee appreciates how colors, patterns and seemingly inconsequential details impact how people feel and live. Understanding how all these elements fit together is key to Renee’s work at JSA, where her design sense is applied on projects from senior living to corporate environments.

In addition to refreshing interiors for Brightview Senior Living properties throughout the Northeast, she recently worked with the owners of our building—273 Corporate Drive in Portsmouth, NH—to create gathering spaces with a boutique hospitality feel for existing and new tenants. Employed at JSA since 2001, Renee enjoys exploring museums of all kinds with her daughter, an artist. A recent discovery is the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum in Boston, “a stunning, real-life steampunk haven,” she says.

“Every new project has the potential to be a livable piece of art that contributes to your tenants, residents, employees and your own well-being.”


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