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Adaptive Reuse

Historic Preservation

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Portsmouth, NH

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Chinburg Properties

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AIA NH Rick & Duffy Monahon Award for Design Excellence in Architectural Restoration and Preservation

The Details

Carey Cottage at Creek Farm in Portsmouth, NH, built in phases starting in 1887, was saved through a unique partnership between a local philanthropist and a thoughtful developer.

The renovated building now houses Goodwork, a nonprofit incubator, as well as offices for several area nonprofit organizations, and limited housing for nonprofit employees.

The design and construction focused on structural integrity, building envelope, environmental sustainability, accessibility and fire protection. The construction budget required frugal use of embellishments, simple design, efficient and flexible use spaces. An improved envelope for thermal performance and durability/longevity has decreased energy usage for the building. A new fire suppression system ensures longevity into the future.

  • Interior photo of a wooden staircase in a historical looking building.
  • Interior view of an enclosed porch area. The porch walls are a neutral white color, and the space overlooks a body of water.
  • Exterior view of the side of a building with a ramp to the entrance.
Exterior daytime drone photo of a beautiful white historical building with a large porch and pitched roof. Behind the building are beautiful fall-colored trees, and a body of water sits to the right of the building.

Exterior drone photo

Interior photo of a fireplace in a historical building. The room features dark wood paneling, and above the fireplace there is a painting.

Interior - music room