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Middleton, MA

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D & M Civil Engineering

The Details

Our interior design studio led the dramatic transformation of this former community technical college into a vibrant, multi-tenant business center.

The lobby was renovated into a dramatic soaring centerpiece for the building, with a re-defined staircase, pendant lighting and elegant seating areas. The upper level houses a state-of-the-art, glass-walled conference room offering panoramic vistas through the lobby to the surrounding business district, multiple high-end office suites and a fully-equipped commercial kitchen.

  • Interior view of a corporate office lobby area from the top landing of a staircase. The view is towards the entryway doors, which are floor-to-ceiling glass. Large globe-like light fixtures hang in the lobby from above, and a seating area can be seen.
  • Interior photo of a lobby lounge space in a corporate office. The floors and walls are neutral beige and grey tones, with dark leather furniture chairs and a light colored couch around a low coffee table.
  • Interior photo from the end of a conference room table. The table is a light wood color and flanked on either side by light leather office chairs, and on far back wall there is a mounted TV monitor.