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Exeter, NH

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Exeter Health Resources

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AIA Potomac Valley Chapter: Citation Award

AIA New Hampshire Chapter: Award for Excellence in Design

AIA Jacksonville Chapter: Excellence in Design, Unbuilt Category

The Details

Working closely with Exeter Health Resources, JSA developed a campus-wide master plan that resulted in a paradigm shift for its Exeter Hospital campus.

Our design combined the hospital’s highest volume outpatient services in a new, dedicated space with easy access to parking: a 100,000 SF wing that includes an Outpatient Care Center (OCC) containing four major departments–oncology, endoscopy, outpatient surgery center and diagnostic imaging services; a Medical Office Building (MOB); and a prominent front entrance with a four-story, central atrium lobby and a glass connector to legacy buildings, conveniently located across from an existing parking area.

Key to the project’s success was taking time to analyze the hospital’s needs and evaluate its business plan. We built a construction schedule that included time to build prototype suites for medical personnel to evaluate, created with their input and ideas. These prototypes were taken apart and rebuilt based on staff feedback.

Patients now have easier access to health services and amenities and the hospital’s productivity and efficiency increased, enabling it to recruit top talent.

  • Upwards angled exterior view of the main entrance canopy of a hospital. The metal facade of the building is seen with large windows.
  • Interior photo of a clinical recovery area at a hospital. The view is from behind a nurse's station desk looking outwards to patient rooms.
  • Interior photo of an onocology linear accelerator machine at a hospital. The room is neutral colored with wavy purple accent panels on the ceiling. A staff member is shown placing a document on the countertop to the left of the machine.
  • Interior photo of a family center room at a hopsital. The room features neutral warm colors with windows letting in natural light. A patient bed, baby crib, and low couch seating area can be seen.
  • Interior view of an operating room and hallway corridor in a hospital. The walls and floor are neutral colors with dark purple trim accents.
  • Interior photo of a hospital waiting area. Wood and glass partitions divide the reception desk from an area with upholstered chairs.
Interior view of a cafeteria at a hospital facility. A wavy light red center column wall features light blue and neutral colored dining banquettes. Several small tables and dining chairs are seen as well, and patrons are enjoying meals.

Interior view of cafeteria

Exterior twilight photo of the cafeteria at a hospital facility. Lighting illuminates the building from within. A grassy area and low stone wall are outside the cafeteria which features large floor-to-ceiling windows.

Exterior view of cafe

Interior view of a cafeteria at a hospital facility. Large floor to ceiling windows on the left let in lots of natural light, and small light blue tables with seating are shown.

Interior view of cafe

Interior view of lobby area atrium at a hospital facility. Wood paneling frames the floors above the ground floor, and large floor-to-ceiling windows are letting in lots of natural light.

Interior view of atrium

Everything is designed around the philosophy of an efficient, less stressful environment that is very patient friendly and family friendly.

Carol Black, RN, BSDirector of Ambulatory Surgery