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Portsmouth, NH

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JSA Design, Inc.

The Details

In 2019, we moved our offices into a new space in an existing multi-tenant building in a large corporate office campus.

The office fit-out was a collaborative effort, bringing together employees’ vision for how the space should look and feel. The result is a space that’s collaborative, inspiring and reflects our firm’s innovative perspective on design.

The office has an open ceiling and low panel systems. Motorized adjustable height workstations enable employees to sit or stand throughout the day. Wide windows with expansive views of wetlands and forest allow plenty of natural daylight. Interior lighting was selected using energy-efficient fixtures and controls. The center core collaborative gathering space features a curved, perforated metal pin-up wall to spotlight design projects; it’s adjacent to soft seating and a multi-height, accessible community table. This area, as well as a central library and casual meeting space, offers staff a comfortable, open area for collaboration and informal meetings.

  • Interior photo of a conference room office area. Glass walls show into the room with a conference table and dark leather office chairs surrounding it. The area is framed by an orange accent wall with a black and white logo plaque reading "JSA".
  • Photo showing two women, one brunette in a red sweater and one blond in a white sweater, seated at a work table reviewing print-outs. They are in an area of the office that features shelving, plants, and mesh pin-up boards for work review.
  • Interior photo of a collaborative workspace in an office environment. Grey carpeting is accented by orange walls and dark desk furniture. A metal mesh pin-up wall is seen with printouts of work in progress.
  • Interior photo of an open office workspace featuring multiple desks in an open, spacious format. Windows let in natural light into the space, and several employees are seen engaging with each other. The room features white and grey colors, with pops of dark black lounge chair furniture around a small coffee table towards the foreground.
View of a woman (female JSA employee) in a dark shirt and grey jeans pinning up print-outs of architecture/interior design work onto a grey metal mesh board on an office wall.

View of pinup wall

Interior view of an office space corridor flanking an open-layout area of working desks. The floor is a grey pattern carpet and orange ceiling accent panels bring a pop of color to the space. The left side features a communal work area pin-up wall.

Collaborative pin-up space corridor