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Yonkers, NY

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The Details

Located just north of New York City, the River Club at Hudson Park apartments were designed for professionals interested in living close to the city but also have easy access to more suburban and rural areas.

We designed the lounge, game room and community room interiors to reflect the lifestyles of diverse and vibrant young professionals seeking a quiet respite from their busy weekday routine. Fresh, contemporary furnishings contrast with industrial details reflecting the industrial heritage of Yonkers. Amenities include a ground floor lounge and indoor pool as well as a panoramic rooftop terrace and fitness center.

  • Interior view of a conversation lounge area at a luxury apartment complex. The open room features natural light from large glass doors and windows, and grey and tan leather seating furniture congregates in the middle around a low circular coffee table.
  • Interior photo of a community room space at a luxury apartment complex. A modern style fireplace is the focal point with serene abstract art mounted above it. Midcentury modern wood and grey upholstery furniture gathers around.
  • Interior photo of a lounge seating area in an apartment complex. A slate blue accent wall in the back acts as a focal point, and grey upholstered midcentury modern couches and chairs gather around.