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Behavioral Health

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Augusta, ME

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Riverview Psychiatric Center

The Details

Riverview Psychiatric Center replaced one of the nation’s oldest continuously occupied psychiatric hospitals with a new 125,000 sf state-of-the-art treatment center.

To avoid developing an intimidating institutional setting, major components were broken into a series of smaller scaled, connected buildings. Feature spaces include a treatment mall where patients can attend art classes, visit a hair salon, learn on computers or work in a greenhouse. Thoughtful orientation and creative site planning allow for numerous open, yet secure courtyards where patients have easy access to discreet, yet well-supervised gardens.

  • Exterior view of a psychiatric care building. THe photo is taken at dusk, with exterior lighting illuminating an entry area. The building is two stories tall, with grey concrete siding and a facade featuring large glass wilndows.
  • Exterior photo of a pyschiatric care facility courtyard. The courtyard in the foreground is a small area with concrete surface surrounded by a low brick wall and a few short plants. Black metal picnic tables with built in seating can be seen. In the background, the building has a light green-grey siding with large windows.
  • Interior photo of the atrium lobby of a psychiatric care facility. The walls are a neutral grey-green color, with large windows letting in natural light. Landscape paintings are seen on the left wall, and a small seating area near the windows features four chairs and a small end table. To the right, a logo on the wall reads "Riverview Psychiatric Center" above a wood reception desk.
Interior photo of a sitting area in a day room at a psychiatric care center. The photo shows the corner of a room where rows of large windows meet in a corner, and several comfortable blue and green patterned chairs gathered around. There are small tables, some craft and reading supplies, and various small potted plants throughout the area.

Day room

Interior view of a dining cafeteria at a psychiatric center. The room has neutral colored walls with a dark and light wood floor, and large windows and doors letting in natural light. Several round dining tables with place settings and dining chairs can be seen. Potted plants on the tables and windowsills add natural greenery to the space.


Interior view of a dentist office as part of a psychiatric care center. The office features neutral colored walls and cabinets, and a green dentists chair and sink are seen.

Treatment mall dentist office