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Steamboat Springs, CO

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American Skiing Company

The Details

Wrapped around a prominent knoll at the edge of downtown Steamboat Springs, this 600,000 SF hotel and condominium resort reflects the natural beauty of its northwest Colorado setting.

The overall massing of the building is articulated to reduce the scale and steps down along the main street to provide retail space that reinforces existing ski village life. Guest amenities included themed restaurants and clubs, 18,000 SF of conference space and all-season outdoor pool. Our interior design carries through the theme, with custom lighting and furniture reinforcing the resort’s philosophy to “live in the outside.”

  • Nighttime exterior photo of a ski resort. Snow is seen in the foreground entryway of the building, which features a portico entrance. The multi-unit building has a brown and white facade.
  • Exterior daytime photo of an entryway to the resort. A wood frame style covered entryway features stone columns.
  • Interior view of a lobby balcony area of a ski resort. Comfortable seating faces a stone column fireplace, and ornate lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling.
  • Interior view of a dining room area at a ski resort. Birch tree dividers separate areas of the room, and wood dining tables and chairs are seen throughout the room. The room has a warm glow and features a stone fireplace.
  • Exterior nighttime view of outdoor pool/water feature areas.
Closeup detail photo of lighting fixtures hanging from the lobby ceiling of a ski resort. The lighting features metal silhouettes of pine trees.

Closeup of chandeliers at Steamboat Springs resort

Interior view of grand staircase at a ski resort. A stone fireplace is seen at the top landing.

Steamboat Springs resort lobby