Headshot from the shoulders up of a young Caucasian man. He has short brown hair and is wearing glasses and a blue checkered collared shirt. He is looking directly at the camera and smiling.

JSA is pleased to announce Richard Martz has recently joined the firm. JSA is eager to put his skill-set and experience to use on numerous ongoing designs including healthcare and mixed development projects.

Richard is well versed in the complexities of architecture, with his most recent focus in healthcare, bringing six years of innovative design to the firm. “JSA’s diverse studios allow me to contribute and grow my experience in the healthcare practice while diversifying to other project types” he notes. “I’m excited for the opportunities ahead.”

North Sturtevant, JSA’s CEO stated, “Richard fills an important role in both our healthcare and mixed-use markets. His experience, commitment and passion stood out for us when we met him. We are extremely excited that he has joined our team.”

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