Two men are smiling and giving the thumbs up sign as they are touching a small black filing cabinet in an office environment.

In a new white paper, Anne Weidman describes how JSA helped out sixteen local nonprofits and saved loads of furniture and office supplies from the landfill.

So much furniture…
When JSA moved to a new space in the spring of 2019, office furnishings and supplies, some of it 30+ years old, had outlived its usefulness. Office renovations and upgrades typically utilize a combination of dumpsters and furniture liquidators for disposal of retired furniture. JSA looked for a more community-centered approach.

Social media for the win!
We turned to social media for a solution. As we approached moving day, we began posting pictures and descriptions on local Facebook groups: “Sixty-five two-drawer file cabinets!” “Reception desk with lighting!” “Fifty-five magazine organizers!” “Dozens of chairs!” We gave priority to nonprofits. The response was fast, pick-ups started within minutes.

How much furniture did we give away? Read about it here.

Anne Weidman, CPSM is Director of BizDev / Community Engagement and Associate at both JSA Design, a Portsmouth, NH-based architecture firm and Access Navigators, an online resource for people who live with disabilities.

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