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A long-empty building was transformed into four “homes” for medically dependent children. Adjacent to a full K through 12 school, it was important to find a way for these children with disabilities to have easy access even in the harsh New Hampshire winters. The owner’s original idea of a tunnel was replaced and the solution became a nearly 400 foot long glass walkway that allows the kids panoramic views of the falling snow and of the surrounding mountaintops beyond. The journey became the destination, with heavy timber “trees” framing the views. Quiet bedroom wings were created for housing and each eight-bed “home” has its own inviting living and dining rooms.

A similar solution was developed for the adult brain injury program. To minimize over-stimulation, four eight-bed “homes” were created, each with discreet living and dining spaces. Accessible outdoor patios were developed, and easy access to recreational and therapeutic resources were designed. A final feature is a transitional apartment created within the unit to help patients cross the bridge to more independent lives.

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