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JSA was selected for design expertise and sensitivity for this technologically complex and emotionally challenging environment.

Medical Technology
Housing the latest linear accelerator, the vault features soothing lighting and the patient's choice of music, all carefully designed to alleviate patient stress.

The reassuring environment feels more like a health spa then a clinical treatment center. Rich wood and stone elements, ample natural light, colorful accent lighting all combine to create a warm and comforting atmosphere. The linear accelerator vault uses wood paneling, soft lighting and diffused colorful LED ceiling lighting that gently changes colors to help calm anxiety.

Additional features include an education resource room, large exam rooms, doctor-patient consultation rooms, a private waiting area for patients, an autonomous reception center where patients can check in with a swipe of their ID card, a room for alternative treatments like Reiki and massage, and a video-conferencing center for consulting physicians.

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