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The Community Campus is a collaborative nonprofit health initiative created by the private Foundation for Seacoast Health in Portsmouth, NH to house nine nonprofit health-related agencies.

The Mission of the Community Campus is to serve the health needs and well-being of the most under-served and vulnerable individuals residing within the Foundation communities through a seamless continuum of health and human services.

Reminiscent of a New England farm, complete with a traditional fieldstone barn and metal roofing, the facility uses rich forms, natural materials, and barn-red accents marrying the barn to a greenhouse-like atrium. Supporting the roofline are stone pier "trunks" topped by steel "branches" reflecting the countryside and surrounding gardens.

This facility includes a health clinic, childcare center, teen center program, community conference center, gymnasium, theatre, family counseling center, offices, cafeteria and outdoor recreation area. The end result is an award-winning design, happy users and well-served clients.

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273 Corporate Drive
Suite 100
Portsmouth NH 03801


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