Bartlett Hall

This student housing project previously was a three building island arranged in a circle surrounded by a “sea of asphalt” parking lot. Each student room was much like a motel room with outside-only access and no common areas. The goal was to design and deliver new student housing adjacent to the existing site that unifies the campus community.

The first thing JSA did was to work with a site planner to remove the “sea of asphalt,” relocate the parking lot, and provide green space with courtyards to build a sense of community. The new building serves as the gateway for the campus featuring a prominent tower-capped entrance centralizing foot traffic and creating social interaction. The suite-style residence hall includes a community main lounge on ground floor with additional floor lounges situated for each grouping of rooms. This has resulted in an enhancement of student life, a greater sense of community, and a signature building for the campus.

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273 Corporate Drive
Suite 100
Portsmouth NH 03801



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