Poolside Drop-off Concourse Lobby

The University of North Florida, in developing a 1,000-bed residence hall, decided to explore new directions in building design for their campus while providing its growing student population with an exciting living environment to compete with off-campus housing.

The JSA team presented a series of fresh ideas that allowed the university to move away from its dated brick and concrete institutional architecture. JSA’s design addressed the critical requirements for security, self-contained amenities, and a higher quality of life. The building was organized with a “house” concept where Resident Assistants monitor groups of no more than 50 students. Lounges, common kitchens, laundries and secured lobbies were built around these living units. Central amenities included a convenience store/grill, multipurpose rooms, exercise room and game room. Exterior amenities included a fenced pool, volleyball, basketball and a meandering jogging trail.

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273 Corporate Drive
Suite 100
Portsmouth NH 03801


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