The Berkshires at Crooked Creek Durham, NC

Blair Mill Road Silver Spring, MD

Windsor Ridge Westborough, MA

Archstone Stamford Stamford CT

Lend Lease  - USMC

  • Family Housing, Camp Lejeune NC
  • Community Centers, Camp Lejeune NC
  • Family Housing, Cherry Point NC
  • Family Housing Renovations, Beaufort SC

Naval Air Station Brunswick, ME  

  • Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 
  • Housing Master Plan
  • Family Housing Phase 1
  • Family Housing Phase 2
  • Transient Bachelor Quarters
  • Indefinite Quantity Contract 

Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL 

  • Bachelor Enlisted Quarters 3468-3475 

Naval Station  Mayport, FL

  • Cove Family Housing
  • Ribault Bay Family Housing
  • Child Development Center 

Naval Station Norfolk, VA  

  • Bachelor Enlisted Quarters Renovations 

Naval Air Station Newport, RI  

  • Navy Lodge
  • Navy Exchange 

Partridge HouseHampton NH

Corvias  - US Army

  • Family Housing, Fort Meade MD
  • Community Centers, Fort Meade MD
  • Maintenance Facilities, Fort Meade MD
  • Family Housing, Fort Bragg NC
  • Community Centers, Fort Bragg NC
  • Maintenance Facilities, Fort Bragg NC
  • Maple Terrace Community Center, Fort Polk NC
  • Maintenance Facilities, Fort Polk NC
  • Bowden Community Center, Fort Rucker AL
  • Maintenance Facility, Fort Rucker AL
  • Forsyth Community Center, Fort Riley KS
  • Privatized Army Lodging Program, Group A, West Point
  • Visitor's Center, West Point

Medcom Walter Reed Center Washington, DC  

  • 40 Assisted Living Units
  • 20 Alzheimer's Units 

Barnes Air Force Base Westfield, MA  

  • Air National Guard Vehicle Maintenance Building 

Polaris Park Submarine Station New London, CT  

  • Military Housing 

Kings Bay Naval Station Lake Altoona, GA 

  • Maintenance Support Buildings

Air National Guard Bangor, ME  

  • NDI Laboratory and EIR Shop
  • Operations and Training Facility
  • Security Police Facility

The Pentagon Washington, DC 

  • Performance Criteria for Design-Build Renovation 

US Army Corps of Engineers Catersville, GA  

  • Resource Manager's Office Addition 

Naval Facilities Engineering Command Kings Bay, GA  

  • Garage Facility 


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